My name is Fernando Gutierrez and I live in Madrid (Spain).

I’m a real estate investor. I specialize in distressed assets from financial institutions. As a lawyer, I usually chose investments in which I can add some value solving whatever legal problems they have, but I’m flexible in my approach to any investment.

I own and manage, A Mano Fisios, a small health care business I bootstrapped nine years ago. We provide all kinds of physical therapies anywhere they are needed: homes, businesses and even sport events. We are based in Madrid, but we’ve done projects all around Spain. I don’t do much in the day to day activities of the company, but I help with whatever is needed from time to time, except therapies (which I’m not qualified to do).

I’m also a cofounder of Jemchicomac, a gaming company. Our first game, Crazy Belts, has been featured in several stores and is highly addictive. We have a couple more titles in development. I work on the business side of the company and I leave the actual game development to my cofounder. It is great to be able to play games and call it work!

At college I got a double degree in law and business. After that I also did some courses in computer science. I had a lot of fun, but life took over and I had to stop. Before starting my first business I held several marketing and sales positions in telecom, media and hardware companies. I also did a brief stint of stratey consulting. You can see more in my Linkedin profile.

In this blog I write random things I want to share. Sometimes I post in other places on specific subjects, but here there is no unique theme. I’m enthusiastic about many things and that’s why there is such a mix of topics. I love being with people I care about, technology, economics, business, outdoor sports, books, movies, food, music… and I hate not having enough time to enjoy even more things.

You can follow me in Twitter @fernando or reach me by email at

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