Giving Digital Goods Needs to Get Easier

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Today I read about Evernote launching sponsored premium accounts. Basically it’s a way to pay for the account of another person without getting any control of it. And I think it’s great. Sometimes I would love that others used some service or app I use but they don’t want to pay or they should have to. And in some of those cases I would gladly pay for them because the utility I get of them using that app is greater than the cost. It’s like a business paying for the mobile phone of an employee. It’s done because it’s useful for the company.


The amount of money we spend on digital goods is increasing everyday, but we can’t give digital things to others in many occasions. I can buy a digital flower for my girlfriend on Facebook, but I can’t buy an app for her iPhone. Companies need to separate the digital good from the payment in order to facilitate this. Some have already done it, like Evernote today or Flickr (they have offered the chance to pay for an account as a gift since a lot of time ago), but I think that we’ll see much more on this in the near future.

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